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Music's Wings ~mp3 rotation~'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Music's Wings ~mp3 rotation~

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Tera's Rotate #2~ [apr 10th, 2007 | 11:00pm]


So, it's been hectic the last few weeks and such. I haven't quite figured out how to make samples yet, so I'm just having them downloads. Oh I'm hosting these from my personal website, because mediafire doesn't work so well for me. DX Poopness! Well, I figured I would keep with some american music for the most part (except for a couple of songs) for this rotation. Yotsuba can take care of the japanese ones, right (at least until Gackt's Love Letter comes in the mail, right? \0/)

01. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger : Daft Punk
length: 3 min 35 sec
genre: techno
album: discovery
comments: This is one of my favorite techno songs, though it's pretty old and stuff. Daft punk is just *so cool* sometimes I can't help pulling out their music just to dance with it. It's pretty neat, especially the techno voices and how the whole song is 2 phrases sung over and over (or chanted, if you say). It's definately something to have, especially if you're a techno fan.
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02. Bold as Love : John Mayer
length: 4 min 17 secs
genre: rock
album: continuum
comments: one of my all time favorite songs by the smooth voice of john mayer. he's one of my favorite american singers (one of the only ones i actually buy the cds of!) and his jazzy, rocky, guitar-ness adds wonders to a gorgeous lyrical peice. I especially like the take on the rainbow he gives in this song. unique and intellegent, this is a must-have.
.sry no sample || download it.

03. 愛のメロディイ (ai no merodii - love's melody) : Kokia
length: 5 min 38 sec
genre: jrock (?)
album: Pearl Best Collection
comments: i found this song from the ending theme of Origin, Spirits of the Past (I think it's Agito of Silver Hair in japan), heard it, and completely fell in love with it. the lyrics are so sweet, and the perfect song for someone in love. Kokia's sweet voice adds something heatfelt to it, especially when she says "Hey, are you asleep?" I think this song is a must have for those sappy romance lovers out there! *squishes it* I hear she's not that popular in japan but very popular in hong kong and asia. how wacky is that?
.sry no sample || download it.

04. Harajuku Girls : Gwen Stefani
length: 4 min 51 sec
genre: alternative/rock
album: love.angel.music.baby
comments: i love this song, lol. especially the music video! it's all about those really cool japanese girls that wear lolita stuff around the cities. stefani went to japan to film the video of this, and her fashion line is all inspired by japanese street fashion. she recently did a preformance for american idol, and her background dancers were these really cute japanese girls. *is a sucker for japan*
.sry no sample || download it.

05. So Simple : Alicia Keys
length: 3 min 52 sec
genre: r & b
album: diary of alicia keys
comments: this r and b peice of jazzy goodness is accompanied by key's gorgeous, raspy vocal. This is a song i have never heard on the radio, which is why i choose it to put up here. she speaks the truth in her songs, which i find so many people in their songs don't do anymore. it's all about sex, drugs, and guns with most r & b singers, but she talks about the things that are... revelent in life in her music. i think that's why i like her so much. ^_^
.sry no sample || download it.

06. Amoré (sexo) : Santana and Macy Grey
length: 3 min 51 sec
genre: rock
album: shaman
comments: I love spanish inspired music. santana has a couple of spanish songs on his cd, but i actually like this one because it seems as if grey's voice fits the song. the sassy beat and santana's sway guitar in the background makes it feel more like a duet than her just singing it.
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07. Musouka : Suara
length: 4 min 7 sec
genre: jrock
album: Musouka single
comments: i got addicted to this song from the anime utawarerumono which isn't completely out on dvd yet so I have to wait to watch a new epi of like... once a month. DX from what I understand, she's quite a new singer in japan, only having a handful of singles and (maybe) 2 cds so far. Her voice is refreshing and the song has a very cool rock / tribal mix to it (which accurately fits the anime). I look forward to seeing more of her soon.
.sry no sample || download it.

08. Adding to the Noise : Switchfoot
length: 2 min 52 sec
genre: rock / alternative
album: the beautiful letdown
comments: a very cool song, which belongs on a soundtrack of some kind of punk kid or something. lol. It's definately what you get when you think of punk rock / alternative, cause usually when i say rock, it's the generic genre and it sounds like something... else. i really like the lyrics to this song, and i find it really fun to sing along with. ^_^
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