Tera's Rotate #2~

So, it's been hectic the last few weeks and such. I haven't quite figured out how to make samples yet, so I'm just having them downloads. Oh I'm hosting these from my personal website, because mediafire doesn't work so well for me. DX Poopness! Well, I figured I would keep with some american music for the most part (except for a couple of songs) for this rotation. Yotsuba can take care of the japanese ones, right (at least until Gackt's Love Letter comes in the mail, right? \0/)

01. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger : Daft Punk
length: 3 min 35 sec
genre: techno
album: discovery
comments: This is one of my favorite techno songs, though it's pretty old and stuff. Daft punk is just *so cool* sometimes I can't help pulling out their music just to dance with it. It's pretty neat, especially the techno voices and how the whole song is 2 phrases sung over and over (or chanted, if you say). It's definately something to have, especially if you're a techno fan.
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02. Bold as Love : John Mayer
length: 4 min 17 secs
genre: rock
album: continuum
comments: one of my all time favorite songs by the smooth voice of john mayer. he's one of my favorite american singers (one of the only ones i actually buy the cds of!) and his jazzy, rocky, guitar-ness adds wonders to a gorgeous lyrical peice. I especially like the take on the rainbow he gives in this song. unique and intellegent, this is a must-have.
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03. 愛のメロディイ (ai no merodii - love's melody) : Kokia
length: 5 min 38 sec
genre: jrock (?)
album: Pearl Best Collection
comments: i found this song from the ending theme of Origin, Spirits of the Past (I think it's Agito of Silver Hair in japan), heard it, and completely fell in love with it. the lyrics are so sweet, and the perfect song for someone in love. Kokia's sweet voice adds something heatfelt to it, especially when she says "Hey, are you asleep?" I think this song is a must have for those sappy romance lovers out there! *squishes it* I hear she's not that popular in japan but very popular in hong kong and asia. how wacky is that?
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04. Harajuku Girls : Gwen Stefani
length: 4 min 51 sec
genre: alternative/rock
comments: i love this song, lol. especially the music video! it's all about those really cool japanese girls that wear lolita stuff around the cities. stefani went to japan to film the video of this, and her fashion line is all inspired by japanese street fashion. she recently did a preformance for american idol, and her background dancers were these really cute japanese girls. *is a sucker for japan*
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05. So Simple : Alicia Keys
length: 3 min 52 sec
genre: r & b
album: diary of alicia keys
comments: this r and b peice of jazzy goodness is accompanied by key's gorgeous, raspy vocal. This is a song i have never heard on the radio, which is why i choose it to put up here. she speaks the truth in her songs, which i find so many people in their songs don't do anymore. it's all about sex, drugs, and guns with most r & b singers, but she talks about the things that are... revelent in life in her music. i think that's why i like her so much. ^_^
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06. Amoré (sexo) : Santana and Macy Grey
length: 3 min 51 sec
genre: rock
album: shaman
comments: I love spanish inspired music. santana has a couple of spanish songs on his cd, but i actually like this one because it seems as if grey's voice fits the song. the sassy beat and santana's sway guitar in the background makes it feel more like a duet than her just singing it.
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07. Musouka : Suara
length: 4 min 7 sec
genre: jrock
album: Musouka single
comments: i got addicted to this song from the anime utawarerumono which isn't completely out on dvd yet so I have to wait to watch a new epi of like... once a month. DX from what I understand, she's quite a new singer in japan, only having a handful of singles and (maybe) 2 cds so far. Her voice is refreshing and the song has a very cool rock / tribal mix to it (which accurately fits the anime). I look forward to seeing more of her soon.
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08. Adding to the Noise : Switchfoot
length: 2 min 52 sec
genre: rock / alternative
album: the beautiful letdown
comments: a very cool song, which belongs on a soundtrack of some kind of punk kid or something. lol. It's definately what you get when you think of punk rock / alternative, cause usually when i say rock, it's the generic genre and it sounds like something... else. i really like the lyrics to this song, and i find it really fun to sing along with. ^_^
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Fifth rotation...

01. Brand New: Jesus Christ
length: 5 minutes 18 seconds
genre: english rock
album: The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me
comments: this song gives me chills everytime I listen to it... not only because of the dead-AMAZING lyrics, but the music as well. You can really feel Jesse trying to hold back his emotion and let enough calmly come through to explain his situation... it's really beautiful. This song's really important to me because I can relate to it so much, too... but... in all honesty, even if you arent Christian, I think this is a song everyone should hear. It's simply breathtaking. Everything about it is beautiful.

sample it. || download it.

02. TANK: My Angel
length: 4 minutes 19 seconds
genre: chinese pop
album: Keep Fighting
comments: this is the ending theme song to the ever-wonderful Taiwanese drama, Hana Kimi. <33 Not only do I love that show, but I love this song, too. Everytime i hear it, i get all warm and fuzzy inside. TANK's voice is lovely and really heart-feat. It goes excellent with his lyrics. ♥ I especially love the line "I gave up my dream, but through your eyes, I'm able to catch a glimpse of it again" -- for those who have seen the show, you'll understand it. XP Soooo sweet. I'm all teary-eyed. :3
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03. Metallica: Mama Said
length: 5 minutes 19 seconds
genre: english rock
album: Load
comments: it's such a shame, through my eyes at least, that Metallica is only known for their metal... I mean, everyone hears "Metallica" and they think of the heavy metal band... their many beautiful ballads often dont get enough attention. "Mama Said" is my favorite song on their "load" album... the lyrics so incredibly tear-jerking... gah, I can hardly ever listen to it without getting a little teary-eyed. James wrote it about his mom, who died of cancer, and all his regrets. It's so sad, but beautifully emotional. ("I need your arms to welcome me... but a cold stone's all I see.")
sample it. || download it.

04. Ikimono Gakari: Uruwashiki Hito
length: 4 minutes 30 seconds
genre: japanese soft rock
album: Sakura Saku Machi Monogatari
comments: Ikimono Gakari is teh coolest band on the face of the earth. XD Their music is always really refreshing - it doesnt matter if it's an energetic song or a ballad, they always sound beautiful. Kiyoe's voice is amazing... especially live. EVERYONE GO HEAR HER LIVE. >D "Uruwashiki Hito" is my favorite song by them at the moment. :3 I've been playing it constantly... everything about this song is kick ass: the sweet lyrics, energetic music, Hotaka's harmonica, etc etc. It's all so wonderful. *clap,clap* I LOVE this band!!
sample it. || download it.

05. Bayside: Duality
length: 3 minutes
genre: english rock
album: The Walking Wounded
comments: i hope i dont offend anyone -- but a lot of english rock sounds the same to me. and, honestly, Bayside probably wouldnt have gotten my attention if the vocals werent as awesome as they are. Anthony has one of the most kick ass vocals in punk-rock music today. EVER. no, they arent something amazing, and he doesnt do anything with his voice that no one else could do, but it's unique. The tone in his voice is just SO unique and beautiful. He sounds really cool throughout every song they've performed. Seriously. Good voice. <33 "Duality", although too short for me, is one of my favorite songs by them... probably IS my favorite song by them. It has a pretty, sweet, and catchy melody... just one of those songs you can't help but love.
sample it. || download it.

06. Gackt: Tsuki no Uta
length: 4 minutes 47 seconds
genre: japanese rock
album: Crescent
comments: oh. Gackt... probably the most talented person on the face of the earth -- alongside YOSHIKI and Jay Chou, of course. *laugh* This man never ceases to amaze me. His voice is so freaking sexy, and I can't think of a song by him that I didnt like. ...but, even though all his songs are brilliant, "Tsuki no Uta" has always been a major highlight in his music career. This is one of the most emotional songs i've ever heard... it just amazes me how Gackt can make a song sound this emotional using just a simple acoustic guitar melody. Gah. It truly is amazing. I don't think i'll ever get oer how poetic his lyrics are... he's sooo talented. gah. I love the part where he sings the song title, too. It always gives me chills. =^^= Love love love it.
sample it. || download it.

07. Lostprophets: Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)
length: 3 minutes 45 seconds
genre: english rock
album: Liberation Transmission
comments: I admit I don't know much about this band - I ripped this song off one of my friend's cd. *laugh* But i'm really in love with it. It's one of those "rock ballads", so it sounds really beautiful. And the lyrics have a LOT of meaning to them. (I know i'm talking too much about lyrics on this rotation... sorry haha) The lead vocals are beautiful and pure brilliance, as is the composition. gaaah, and i love the line "never gonna regret watching every sunset". <33
sample it. || download it.

08. Angela Aki: April Sun
length: 5 minutes 24 seconds
genre: japanese pop
album: These Words
comments: this song is from Angela's US released all-English album, These Words. For those who may NOT know, that album was almost completely different from her Japanese music -- as all the songs are acoustic guitar instead of piano. ^^ But, of course, they're still breathaking ballads that Angela poetically pours all her emotion into. "April Sun" is especially one of my favorites on the album - the lyrics are so tragic... they always make me get a little teary-eyed. :( ...And, as always, Angela's voice is amazing - smooth, calm, and full of emotion. This song's really amazing. <3
sample it. || download it.

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Yotsuba's Featured Artist ~ !

Featured Artist: Evan Yo

Alongside Evan's awesome vocal abilities, he's very skilled at playing violin, piano, guitar, drums, and flute... though he majors in violin, which he's been playing since he was extremely young. His composing abilities are very admirable, as he writes both ballads & rock with beautiful & catchy melodies. Although he just debuted in late 2006, he's already become on of the biggest & most loved Taiwanese singers in the music business today due to his warm, lovable nature and catchy melodies.

I chose Evan Yo as the first featured artist on the rotation, because i'm just in love with his passion and drive. He has so much love for his music, and he always has. When you hear him sing, you can strongly feel the emotion in his voice. It's just amazing. He's so lovable, too. His smile is undoubtedly honest & warm... it just draws you in. Actually, the reason he was always smiling was what got me to notice him. *laughs* That, and I watched him play piano and violin on GGG a while back, and was just in awe over his grace & talent. Definitely a wonderful singer. I'm positive he'll release even better work in the future...

I posted my four favorites on his debut album. VERY good stuff. ^^

01. Can You Hear Me (sample)
02. Can't Turn Summer (sample)
03. Easy (sample)
04. Neverland (sample)

and a great video showing off some of his skills... playing some amazing violin, piano, and singing covers of Jay Chou and LeeHom Wang songs. ^.^

ENJOY! :) And please leave comments ~ ♥ ♥

(no subject)

01. Fahrenheit: I Only Have Feelings For You (ft. Hebe from S.H.E.)
3:59 || Chinese Pop || Fahrenheit; track 3 || 10/10
comment: Fahrenheit is probably my favorite Taiwanese group out there. I love S.H.E., Cherry Boom, etc... but something about these guys is just too lovable. I gotta give my #1 spot to them. ^^ "I Only Have Feelings For You" is my current favorite on their debut album, along with a few others. *laugh* But I chose to post this one because it's beautiful, catchy, incredibly sweet, and features the amazing vocal talent of Hebe! :) Even if you're not into boy bands much, I think you'll like this. It's a wonderful song by a wonderful group.
sample it. || download it.

02. CORE OF SOUL: Sweet Dreams
4:28 || Japanese Pop || Natural Beauty; track 7 || 10/10
comment: this isnt the best song to display Fukiko's amazing pipes, but i think it's one of the best to display her simply passionate voice. this song is just Fukiko and a solo acoustic guitar - and that's all. the lyrics alone are already beautifully written, singing about loyal love and yearning to be with that person always ("sweet dreams, let me sneak into your dreams"). Fukiko's voice is simply stunning, as always, and helps this already-wonderful song shine even brighter. one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands. =^^=
sample it. || download it.

03. Tokio Hotel: An deiner Seite (Ich bin da)
4:22 || German Rock || Zimmer 483; track 12 || 100/10
comment: zomg, as if i could post a rotation without Tokio Hotel. This is my favorite song by them at the moment... I cant stop listening to it. Bill's voice sounds gorgeous, and he puts SO much emotion into the lyrics, it's insane. It actually made me get all teary-eyed. *nods* The lyrics are very simple... just about being there for that person you love... but the band really made the subject into their own. Gah, i love it. I love power ballads. That way you get the great rock music with a beautiful melody. <33 Even if you hate Tokio Hotel, download this one for me. *laughs* it's amazing.
sample it. || download it.

04. Misono: Hot Time
5:06 || Japanese Pop || Hot Time; track 1 || 10/10
comment: zomg, i love Misono to death. all of her music is so prettyful & catchy & awesome &... &... GAH! i love her. XD "Hot Time" is my favorite song by her right now, too... so many complained about her "screeching" throughout the entire thing. but i guess i just cant hear it, because i think she sounds wonderful. sure, she goes pretty high, but i would DEFINITELY not call it screeching. *shakes head* this song was written & recorded around Misono's hardest time, while she was struggling to lose weight. I think she put a lot of her heart into this one, because you can really hear & feel her emotion.
sample it. || download it.

05. Oasis: Stop Crying Your Heart Out
4:59 || English Rock || Heathen Chemistry; track 4 || 10/10
comment: I freaking love this band and I freaking love this song. *__* Everytime I hear the beginning, i get chills. The good kind. The kind that make you appreciate the song on a completely different level. I would sometimes just play the first 35 seconds over & over. *laugh* Ahh. Very good stuff. The piano mainly carries the melody in this song, and it sounds sooo pretty. Liam's voice sounds so peaceful and intelligent in this song, too. I cant imagine a better person to perform this song. <3
sample it. || download it.

Third rotation ~ !

01. Chihiro Onitsuka: Umi no Uta
length: 4 minutes 57 seconds
genre: japanese ballad
album: none (unreleased)
rating: 100/10

comments: chihiro onitsuka is back on the music scene? ...well, not EXACTLY, but she gave us this little taste of hope with a new song her and a group called Psalm performed together. it was posted on the band's blog page. this song is beyond gorgeous. i really think if Oni-san ever does officially come back, her music will blow her past melodies out of the water. "Umi no Uta" is an instrumental piece, but Oni-san is still a part of it, for she hums a melody along with the music. it's soooo breathtaking. i mean... it always makes me wanna tear up. very beautiful music, as always from Oni-san. <3 and i'm glad to get to share this with everyone. :3

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02. Lee Soo Young: Farewell Blues II
length: 4 minutes 27 seconds
genre: korean ballad
album: Sweet Holiday In Lombok
rating: 10/10

comments: Lee Soo Young has released tons and tons of excellent songs in her long career. but "Farewell Blues II" has always been my favorite. :) i mean, honestly, i wasnt expecting too much out of this song considering "Farewell Blues" was PRETTY, but nothing special. but this sequel to the original is so freaking amazing. *__* it starts off with the same melody as "Farewell Blues" does, but as it goes on, it starts changing little by little. and once the chorus hits, it makes my heart skip a beat everytime. *laugh* seriously. it's extremely emotional and heartfelt. <3 really a wonderful song by a very talented singer.

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03. Tommy Heavenly6: Heavy Starry Chain
length: 3 minutes 53 seconds
genre: japanese rock
single: Heavy Starry Chain
rating: 9/10

comments: i'm going to start off right away - the reason i didnt give this song a perfect 10 is because it sounds too similar to ALL her other songs. x_x i'm not saying it's bad, but... GAH TOMMY! write something original. >_> ........and with that being said, "Heavy Starry Chain" is a really good song. it's really dark. i've always loved Heavenly6's unique blend of dark rock melodies with cute lyrics & vocals. oiy, and i love the bridge on this song. XDD it goes a step deeper and gets even heavier on the rock as well as the lyrics. <3 vewy cool. Tommy definitely has something... i'm just ready for her to go back to Buriguri already. T_T

+++ download it.    OR    sample it. +++

04. AAA: Crazy Gonna Crazy
length: 5 minutes 21 seconds
genre: japanese pop
album: CCC -Challenge Cover Collection-
rating: 10/10

comments: yaaaay~ ! AAA's new dance cover album is finally here! and i must say, it's even better than i expected. i'm not extremely into dance music, but all the songs on this album kicked ass, and AAA did BETTER than perfect covers. but... i knew they'd do good. ^^ they're such a talented group. "Crazy Gonna Crazy" is my favorite song on the album right now. it's originally written and performed by TRF, but i love AAA's version a looot better. this song is a cool mix of techno, pop, rock, and everything else you can think of. and it still manages to sound excellent. it's both catchy & beautiful at the same time. gah.... i love this song to death. <3

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05. YUI: CHE.R.RY (preview)
length: 1 minutes 41 seconds
genre: japanese soft rock
single: CHE.R.RY
rating: 10/10

comments: weee! YUI's new single!!!!! i'm sure everyone's just as excited about this as i am, so let's all jump with joy! *jumps* as obsessed as i am over "Rolling Star", i must say that i'm already liking "CHE.R.RY" more. i might even like this song more than "I Remember You"..... it's so catchy and carefree. the melody is definitely fitting for the season to come, and YUI's voice has never sounded more beautiful. you can tell she's grown as a composer, because her songs are just getting better & better. she's never failed to amaze me. this was ripped off the "YUI RADIO" on her official site. ...i think they said they'd be posting the entire song on there soon... O.O

+++ download it.    OR    sample it. +++

phew! now time for me to go to school! O.O *runs*

Yotsuba's 2nd rotate

yay! no school today! :D sorry for the long pause for my update. >_< i had a crappy term paper i've been working on the past few weeks. but it's finally finished. ^_^ this rotation's pretty good, i think. since there was no school today, i had time to post the lyrics and translations too. *happy dance* ....if anyone wants to recommend or ask for some artists for me to post next time, feel free. ^_^ i'm not sure what to rotate next. :\

 01. BLOOD: Tsuioku ~piano version~
length: 2 minutes 57 seconds
genre: Japanese rock / piano ballad
album: 1st PERIOD DX; track 11
rating: 1000/10

comments: BLOOD is one of my favorite jrock bands of all time. Fu-ki's voice is absolutely stunning. Everytime i hear it, i go crazy over it and have to close my eyes to get the full effect his voice really has on BLOOD's music. this is the intrumental piano version of their song "Tsuioku ~I Remember You~". Though the band as a whole wrote the original song, Fu-ki re-wrote it into the piano version. And i can honestly say i've never heard another piano piece that's as beautiful as this. Weird, i know. all those pretty songs by YOSHIKI and Nobuo Uematsu, but... i dont know. something about this song makes me feel so much more for this band. their rock music is awesome, their ballads gorgeous -- GAH, BLOOD is just... the perfect band. =^^= definitely download it and check it out.... i promise you it's worth it. :3

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02. Ami Suzuki: Around the World
length: 4 minutes 34 seconds
genre: Japanese pop
album: AROUND THE WORLD; track 1
rating: 10/10

comments: Ami Suzuki's music reminds me a lot of KOTOKO's. which is a good thing. ^_^ it's always a great blend of pop, techno, and rock. not to mention her voice is beautiful. there's nothing i hate more than generic pop music with a generic voice thrown on top of it. Suzuki's voice has an awesome tone to it -- suited for pop, but still with a nice twist to it that really makes her music stand out to me. i chose "Around the World" this time, because it's one of my current favorites from her. i mean -- it's sooo catchy. =^^= it's one of her most techno-ish ones, too. but i'm loving every second of this song. like i said, it's really catchy, so that makes it fun to listen to. and the lyrics are just as awesome and inspiring. mmmm. good stuff. *nod,nod*

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03. Mika Nakashima: Hitoiro (ALTAnative)
length: 5 minutes 06 seconds
genre: Japanese rock
album: THE END; track 10
rating: 9.5/10

comments: since the very beginning, Nakashima's voice has kind of... annoyed me, to say the least. it's always sounded funny. and her music isnt that appealing to me, either. but when she took the role in "Nana", the new rock sound that she performed KICKED ASS. THIS is seriously the kind of music she should always sing. cause her voice actually sounds pretty good here. rock music just suits her much better. so, it's obvious why i chose the "ALTAnative" (rock) version of "Hitoiro". it's better. and more fun. *laughs* this song has a cool beat and it never slows down. fweee ~ this stuff is awesome! *spazzes*

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04. Seether: Fade Away
length: 3 minutes 52 seconds
genre: English rock
album: DISCLAIMER II; track 9
rating: 10/10

comments: ahh. Seether. my favorite English band. not counting Breaking Benjamin and The All-American Rejects. *laughs* this band has never written a song i didnt like, but "Fade Away" is especially beautiful. i have always appreciated rock bands that still add melody to their sound and don't just try to make it ALL scream-o and stuff. "Fade Away" walks hand-in-hand with their famous rock-ballad "Broken". Shaun has this voice that can go from hardcore screaming to soft and heartfelt in two seconds. and you can definitely hear that power in his voice in this song. not saying he does any screaming in this one... but... you can still feel it. it's a nice change from the general rock scene, in both music and lyrics. he really puts his heart on the line in this song, and it's gorgeous. <3 i love it.

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05. Tokio Hotel: Übers Ende der Welt (Grizzly remix)
length: 3 minutes 17 seconds
genre: German rock
single: Übers Ende der Welt; track 3
rating: 10/10

comments: i must really love this band. i paid almost 3,000¥ for this new single. x_x too much, but thankfully the single was sooo good. ^^ although i liked the original song the best, i just had to post the grizzly remix of it instead. ^^; most remixes, i hate -- but i love all the grizzly remixes of their songs. ^^ because it's a rock remix. it's not turned techno or anything. zomg, i love it. a lot. Bill's voice sounds awesome, and the music & lyrics are better than ever. everything about this band has really matured since their first album (which was already kick ass. *laugh*). here you are: Tokio Hotel's new single, and it's freaking amazing. ^_^

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06. Jay Chou: Nocturne
length: 3 minutes 48 seconds
genre: Chinese pop/ballad
album: November's Chopin; track 1
rating: 10/10

comments: i love Jay Chou with a passion. not just because of his beautifully poetic lyrics, smooth voice, amazing songwriting, or even his piano skills. but i've always loved him because of his natural love and passion for music. He started playing piano when he was 3 years old and loved every second of it - and he fell in love with cello when he was only 8 years old. And he looks up to some of the most amazing composers out there. He's one of the few artists that you just KNOW was meant for music. "Nocturne" is one of my favorites on his "November's Chopin" album, mostly because of the lyrics... but also because of his beautifully melodic rapping. it's just -- especially beautiful in this song. But his singing is just as excellent. Although Chou has written better, i've always had a special love for this song. it's very romantic with a sad story behind it.

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07. Linkin Park: Breaking the Habit
length: 3 minutes 16 seconds
genre: English rock
album: Meteora; track 9
rating: 10/10

comments: we all love Linkin Park. and we all know it. *mwuhaha* "Breaking the Habit" was when i really started to notice this band. it's still my favorite song by them, too... i cant really even describe it. gah. the lyrics are so intelligent and well-written... and the music kicks ass. we always yearn for some music that's truly unique -- something different, catchy, and actually worth listening to. and Linkin Park gives us that. "Breaking the Habit" is one of the very few songs where Mike is absent, so there's no rap. Chester really shines in this song on his own -- his voice is so incredible. =^^= but Mike obviously doesnt go unnoticed, since he wrote the actual song. He'd been working on this one for years, and you can tell it was definitely worth it. gaaah, this is one of the coolest songs on earth. <3333

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08. Cocco: Sing A Song ~no music, no life~
length: 4 minutes 19 seconds
genre: Japanese rock
album: Bougainvillea; track 7
rating: 10/10

comments: i've admired Cocco since the very beginning of her music career. she uses music for therapy -- she writes whatever she's feeling at the time. so her songs can range from angry, hard rock songs to simple, cute children songs. every song she performs is personal and honest. "Sing A Song" is one of her most popular songs to date. it has a really carefree melody and cute all-english lyrics that explain her love for music and how important it is to her. everyone can relate to this song -- even if it's not MUSIC, everyone has something that they're really passionate about. it's an adorable, admirable song that's always been a personal favorite of mine. ^^

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09. Do As Infinity: Raven
length: 4 minutes 01 seconds
genre: Japanese rock
album: Break Of Dawn; track 7
rating: 10/10

comments: one of my all-time FAVORITE songs by one of my all-time FAVORITE bands. ^_^ Do As Infinity were only together for 6 years, but they made some of the most inspiring music out there. "Raven" is off their first album, so it's one of my oldest favorites from the band. it starts off with a really beautiful melody on guitar, along with Tomiko's deep, rich vocals. ♥ as the song goes on, it gets heavier on the rock side, and all the members get more into it. this song has some kind of awesome charisma that's unexplainable. you know? there's just something about it that's too good to figure out. it's just awesome. *slow nod* i'd highly recommend this song to ANY music lover out there. it's too cool to pass up.

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New Songs!

I'm sorry it took me so long to actually update this, it's partially because I had exams this past week and it takes forever to upload because I have dial-up (not for much longer though!).  Well, here we go, I only have 2 songs this time, but  hope to have some more up soon :D Today I will be giving you a couple of peices from my vast collection of the master Uematsu-sensei.

09. Opening for Final Fantasy Advent Children
Artist: Uematsu Nobuo
length 1 minute 30 seconds
genre: game instrumental
album: FF:AC Original Soundtrack (CD1)
comments: This is a wonderful peice of introduction music to the movie, but along it's thrilling and gives you a feeling of... expectation.
++ download

10. Suteki Da Ne (Isn't it Wonderful?)
Artist: Rikki (written by Uematsu)
length 5 minutes 37 seconds
genre: game // ballad (?)
album: FFX Soundtrack
comments: This peice was the theme that was altered several different ways for the FFX game. I remember playing through it this past summer and when that scene where it actually plays out fully with Yuna and Tidus in the water, then replaying the part just to hear the song. It's captivating - simply spectacular when you think of it as video game music. (Yotsuba, was this song popular in Nippon when FFX came out there?) I think the thing that impacted me the most, though, was the lyrics themselves. They were positively touching, perfectly fitting for the moment. And I *love* songs that fit the moment (like the beginning and ending songs Laruku did for the FMA Movie!).

First Rotate!

01. 彩冷える: メーフィッシュのうた,恋柄の水泡 (Ayabie: Meefisshu no uta, koi gara no suihou)
length: 4 minutes 05 seconds
genre: Japanese rock
album: virgin snow color; track 6
rating: 10/10
comments: most of Ayabie's music is an awesome blend of Oshare Kei & Visual Kei -- it usually sounds very unique and fun. ^^ "Meefisshu no uta...." is the track that stands out the most, though. it's this... amazing piano ballad. everytime i hear it, Aoi's voice just seems to grow more & more graceful. he sounds gorgeous. i love how the song is pretty much just a duet between Aoi and the piano. there are no other instruments thrown in anywhere. so pretty. :3 ...Intetsu was actually the one that played piano in this song, too... cool to see him going from kicking ass on bass to playing a song as gentle as this.

02. Gackt: Etude
length: 6 minutes 24 seconds
genre: Japanese rock
album: love letter; track 3
rating: 9.8/10
comments: yes, yes, yes... i'm addicted to ballads. but especially Gackt's ballads. :3 that's probably a huge reason why i love his "Love Letter" album so much. that entire album is full of prettyful Gackt ballads. "Etude" being one of the best on the album - in my opinion. it starts off with just Gackt and his piano, very simple and sweet. but as the song progresses, Gackt just keeps getting more into the song to the point where it just takes my breath away. i mean... gah. he sounds so awesome. *_* he has so much talent...

04. High and Mighty Color: オキザリス (High and Mighty Color: Okizarisu)
length: 4 minutes 26 seconds
genre: Japanese rock
single: Okizarisu/Tadori Tsuku Basho
rating: 10/10
comments: as much as i love Haikara, i seriously told myself that if their next single sounded just like all their others, i was done with them. because... gah, like i said -- i love them, but all their songs have been sounding so much alike lately. and this was the next single they released. ^^ and i cant even begin to express exactly HOW much i love this song. it's definitely different from their usual style; but in a good way. it's still High and Mighty Color, just with a more emotional twist to it. the lyrics are extremely gorgeous, and i always have to close my eyes on the chorus to get the full amazing effect it really has. Maakii's voice sounds more angelic than ever. as EXTREMELY corny as it sounds, this song renewed my faith in the band, and i'm definitely not gonna threaten to stop listening to them again - because i'm sure they'll always have killer surprises up their sleeve, like this one. :3

05. YUI: Rolling Star (acoustic live)
length: 2 minutes 56 seconds
genre: Japanese soft rock
album: none
rating: 10/10
comments: yaaay! YUI's newest single! ^^ I chose to post the live acoustic version for two reasons. One -- the acoustic version makes the song sound UNBELIVEABLY beautiful instead of rushed and rocky, like the original. And two -- YUI was sick the day she sung this. So her voice is pretty messed up... and it sounds soooo cool! =^^= *laugh* Although it's messed up, she still sounds awesome. The scratchyness to her voice makes something about this song sound even better. Not saying she sounds better sick, i'm just saying.... she's even this amazing when her voice is going out on her. just something about it gave the song it's own flavor. this song is very fast-paced, but the acoustic version manages to capture everything and sort it all out into a beautiful song. ....and i love hearing YUI go crazy on her guitar. ^_^ she kicks ass.

06. いきものがかり: コイスルオトメ (Ikimono Gakari: Koisuru Otome)
length: 5 minutes 17 seconds
genre: Japanese soft rock
single: koisuru otome
rating: 10/10
comments: Ikimono Gakari are becoming one of my favorite bands lately. i love everything about these three. Yoshiki's great composing skills, Hotaka's unbelievable guitar-harmonica skills, and Kiyoe's strong vocals honestly make this band unique and interesting. almost every single person that's heard them has had to admit that they just cant make a bad song. so far, all of their singles have been very solid and.... perfect. ^^; "Koisuru Otome" is my current favorite by them. As crazy as i am over their other singles, this one reaches out to me the most. probably because the PV is so extremely sweet. :3 i love it. =^^= this song has such a catchy chorus, awesome piano... and every other element needed to make it hit perfection. i definitely recommend this song to... anyone. deifnitely. <333

07. Breaking Benjamin: Break My Fall
length: 3 minutes 23 seconds
genre: English rock
album: we are not alone
rating: 10/10
comments: i think what makes Breaking Benjamin so amazing in my eyes is the fact that they sing hard rock, but it's always so beautiful & melodic. it's just insane how beautiful their songs can sound, even their really hard rock ones. Ben writes really beautiful melodies, and his voice is like a perfect blend of scratchy & smooth. when he hits higher notes, he always sounds so breathtaking. "Break My Fall" is one of my favorite Breaking Benjamin songs, mainly because of the way Ben sings the chorus. he throws a lot of emotion into it - the music and lyrics of this song walk hand-in-hand. very VERY good stuff. BB will probably always be my favorite English band. <3

08. Tokio Hotel: Gegen meinen willen
length: 3 minutes 37 seconds
genre: German rock
album: schrei
rating: 10/10
comments: Tokio Hotel is my favorite band at the moment (besides X Japan, of COURSE). this song was when Bill's voice was still really little (he was only 14~15). but just because they were young doesnt mean they werent talented. i chose "Gegen meinen willen" because it's always stuck out to me... i have NO clue why. the entire album was flawless IMO, but this one song stood out a lot. it immediately starts off with a soft guitar, drums are added, and Bill takes over from there. i really loved the emotion he put into this song. he sings the verses like he's both confused & pissed. then the chorus hits, and he takes it to another level. the way he sings the chorus is... REALLY cool. i looove singing along with "dagegen - bin dagegen!". XDD