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Music's Wings was created by jougen_no_tsuki fast & random. I ran an mp3 rotation last year (Emotionally Driven), and missed having one, so I created a new one. Later on, my friend kisekinoumi joined me to help rotate. But due to both our busy lives, the rotation has no set time to rotate... we both just rotate whenever we feel like it. ^^; You'll be able to find music from almost any genre and almost any language here -- because we love it all! :D Hope you all enjoy your time here and keep coming back to enjoy some delicious music.

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Yotsuba & Tera take time out of their cooky lives to share music with you, so please return the favor and just follow these feeeew rules. :3 ♥

• No bashing an artist here. As always, I'm definitely open to opinions -- you can say you don't like a song or artist, but we never tolerate bashing. (ie - over-exaggerating their flaws or constantly talking bad about them).

• if you are going to download anything here, I ask you to actually SUPPORT the artist and BUY their albums. For countries that don't sell the CD you want, I highly recommend the following sites: YesAsia, EthaiCD, Play Asia, ebay, CDJAPAN, or the artist's official website. Even if you have all the songs on an album... it's still not as great as actually OWNING the album. Plus, it helps support the artists that you love so much! Without our support, the artist wont go very far. Please show your respect to them.

• Comments are always a big reward for us, but not mandatory.

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none at the moment. :(